Priced at only $20 bills, Ridley Scott‘s four-disc “director’s cut” DVD of Kingdom of Heaven, which streeted last Tuesday, seems like one the greatest values and bargains out there right now…an absolute must-own for folks like me, certainly. The truckloads of material seem staggering…not just Scott’s preferred 194-minute cut, which I reviewed out of a commercial showing at Laemmle’s Fairfax last January, but a motherload of extras including a three-hour, six-part documentary called “The Path to Redemption”. If the doc is anything like the one that accompanied the DVD of Scott’s Matchstick Men, it’ll be well worth it. Last January I wrote that Kingdom‘s theatrical cut “was a painterly, politically nutritious meal that felt more than a touch truncated and a bit shy of playing like a true epic-type thing. The longer cut makes it into a fuller, tastier, more banquet-y type deal…sweepier and more sumptuous and better told….certainly a finer and more substantial film. And this fact makes 20th Century Fox’s decision to release its shorter, runtier kid brother seem more than a little distasteful. Only an idiot could have watched both versions last spring or late winter…whenever it was that Fox and Scott sorted things through…and not realized that the longer version was the distinctly better film.”