On top of his adamant, afore-mentioned refusal to grow sideburns in the late ’60s, Don Draper also has the temerity to wear, in this teaser, a blue sport jacket with mustard-brown pants — an atrocious color combination — with his pant cuffs at least a half-inch if not an inch too high. There’s something so profoundly creepy about this guy, so rigid, so opposed to the ebb and flow of things. Not to mention the tedious alcohol problem. I’ve run into guys like Draper all my life. He also reminds me of my pre-AA father on some level. I was right next to Jon Hamm at a Boyhood Chateau Marmont party a few weeks ago, and he was momentarily approachable. But I didn’t want to uncork even a portion of these feelings so I didn’t say anything. Better that way.