TYT’s John Iadarola: “I think the Republican mind is flexible in that it is empty. And thus, like a garden hose…when a garden hose is empty it can be bent for whatever you need it to do.”

James Carville: “Pennsylvania’s gonna be fine. I’m not at all worried about Pennsylvania. Arizona is done. Nevada’s done. I’m keepin’ my eye on Georgia right now. At the end of the day this is not gonna be a particularly close election. Biden will win the popular vote by more than Obama did in 2012. He will probably…not certainly but probably end up with 307 [electoral] votes. I know it’s been nerve-wracking for a lot of people, but it’s not that close.”

As of 11:30 am Pacific:

Nevada: 63,000 ballots remain to be counted but late-arriving mail-in ballots are still arriving and will do until Tuesday November 10. And the result may not be known until Thursday November 12, officials said, when all provisional ballots will be resolved after going through a validation process.’ Biden is ahead by 11,500 votes.

Pennsylvania: Counting stopped then restarted in Philadelphia as Trump’s campaign sued, claiming they are not being allowed to watch the count, winning their case first, then lost on appeal. And in Pittsburgh, 35,000 votes cannot be legally counted until Friday.

Arizona: The Secretary of State says counting of the 450,000 outstanding votes there will not be completed until Friday, stretching out the agonizing wait for an overall election result after a night of chaos which saw Biden’s lead shrink considerably and put the state possibly back in play for Trump. Biden is ahead in Arizona but only by about 67,000 votes after his majority shrank overnight. Of the 450,000 remaining votes there, 300,000 are in Maricopa County where Biden holds a two point lead, and where he is expected to win.

Georgia: State is down to its final 50,000 ballots but has still to say when that will be completed. And Friday is the deadline

North Carolina: There is no indication of when the result will be.