Three days ago Variety‘s Dave McNary quoted a Milken Institute report claiming that the WGA strike “[has] cost the California economy a projected 37,700 jobs and $2.1 billion in lost output through the end of 2008.”
Which means, in effect, that the studio suits and producers who needlessly prolonged the WGA strike are the responsible parties. Am I wrong? Is there any other interpretation?
The Milken report “also asserts that the 100-day work stoppage helped tip the state into recession earlier this year,” McNary wrote. “The researchers said the strike’s impact will be less noticeable next year unless the Screen Actors Guild strikes — in which case the impact will intensify and the recovery will be delayed by another year.
“SAG’s current contract expires June 30. Guild is in the 24th day of talks with the majors but has not yet set a strike authorization vote.”