With its awful, dumbed-down re-design that makes it difficult to find their release date charts, Comingsoon.net has screwed the pooch. I’m told that release date info is buried somewhere in the bowels of that site, but I will never go there again. And for good reason because Ted Smith‘s Projectionlist.com is a much, much better and more exacting resource. It lists all theatrical releases in a nice, clean format with sections for direct-to-home, trailer dates, TV series and retail. It’s beautiful. There’s also a key at the bottom for wide/small releases. A colleague calls Projectionlist.com “a dream come true, especially after ComingSoon.net’s botched redesign…no disrespect to Ed Douglas but Coming Soon on their best day was never this clean.”

ABOUT THE EDITOR: “As a graduate of Texas A&M University, Ted Smith moved to Los Angeles in 2005, where he has worked to varying degrees in film and commercial production, having also coordinated productions for a number of prominent advertising and fashion photography campaigns. Currently, he is pursuing a career in screenwriting, while also serving as a founding partner of Oil and Cattle, a Los Angeles-based production company with a focus on procuring, developing, and producing literary properties, set to launch in early 2015.

“Since the mid-to-late ‘90s, in the heyday of sites like Ain’t It Cool News and Corona’s Coming Attractions, Ted has religiously followed the world of online movie & TV coverage. During that time, he has become increasingly familiar with its many facets, and has always sought to be part of its consciousness in some small way. While the prolific demands of film critique/journalism lie beyond his purview, as the creator and sole editor of The Projection List, his strengths speak directly to the site’s attributes, and serve to fuel his long-held desire to provide a focused, comprehensive, cinematic release resource.”