Friendo (alluding to below quotes) to HE: “Are you happy, Jeff?”

HE to friendo: “One, I’m not a rightie — I’m a fair-minded, center-left moderate. Two, Edroso is mostly right. There’s a lot of cruelty out there amongst righties, but if there EVER was a time in U.S.history to despise the extreme left, it’s RIGHT FUCKING NOW. (When I say “extreme left,” I don’t mean run-of-the-mill feminists, lefties, LGBTQs and whatnot. I mean the crazies, as in George Romero‘s crazies.) Three, Wheeler and Hodgetwins have a point.”

Friendo (alluding to below quotes) to HE: “Like Pete Seeger asked, which side are you on? And as David Mamet said, it’s fuck or walk. Given how much scorched earth Ben Shapiro and company are gleefully plotting, you think their stepping on the necks of the pronoun police is worth the trade off? Because THIS is what’s actually happening.”

HE to friendo: “I’m sorry but the pronoun police could use a little slapping around.”