In John Carpenter‘s Halloween (’78), Jamie Lee Curtis‘ Laurie Strode was roughly Curtis’s age, or around 20. In David Gordon Green‘s Halloween (Universal 10.19), which takes place 40 years later and disregards all previous Halloween sequels, Laurie is 60 or thereabouts. And Michael Myers aka “the Shape”, principally played by Nick Castle in the original, was also supposed to be around 20, give or take. So the present-day Myers, who’s an actual human mortal, is around 60 also. (The 70-year-old Castle will play him again along with James Jude Courtney.) All killers in horror films have to be all-powerful, hard to elude, super-strong, etc. Who would believe that a 60-year-old psychopath is just as fearsome today as he was 40 years ago? Hasn’t Myers mellowed out some? Does he work out? Has he put on weight?