We all drive selfishly or obnoxiously from time to time. But there’s another kind of driver who’s in a whole ‘nother league. The mark of a truly loathsome driver is one who doesn’t even realize that he/she is blocking others or causing traffic jams or whatever. They’re so fixated on their own needs or frustrations that it never even occurs to them that they’re making things difficult for others. In a word, they’re sociopaths.

Case in point: I was looking for a parking space at the West Hollywood Pavillions about two hours ago. As I pulled into the main lot off Santa Monica Blvd. I immediately noticed a big jam-up of several cars. It was entirely caused by a single woman who had decided to park and idle her Beemer in the right lane near the entrance to the lot. There were apparently no spots near the Pavillions entrance so rather than drive to the rear of the lot and park her car and then walk back to the store, this woman had decided to just sit and wait for someone who had parked close to the store to leave.

The problem, of course, is that she was blocking others from making their way into the lot with other cars trying to get out via the opposing lane. She was just sitting there like a dummy. Who, me?

If I was a West Hollywood lawman I would order her to move and then give her a ticket for causing a public nuisance. I might even cuff her and bring her down to the station and put her in a cell for three or four hours, have her husband come down and bail her out.