William Shatner didn’t say the name “Maximilien Robespierre” but he did say the #MeToo movement has become “hysterical” and likened it to the French Revolution.

That’s it for Shatner, right? But what measures should be taken? Should he be shunned, shut down, subjected to a harsh backside paddling? Or should we just treat him like a drooling old guy and ignore him to death? Whatever the comintern wants to do is okay with me. I’m all ears — I just follow orders.

Shatner: ‘In 2018 we have the #MeToo movement, which I think is great, that these hidden forces are exposed and not to be allowed and women have equal rights. I’ve got three daughters [aged 60, 57 and 54], I’m all for that.”

Letter to friend about Woody Allen-Christina Engelhardt thing: “Last night a Facebook guy mentioned Christina’s interview about Woody and she having had a long-term consensual thing in the ’70s and ’80s, and is so doing called Allen’s behavior ‘ugly.’ Perhaps a bit selfish and exploitive to some extent but hardly cruel or demonic. Remember that Christina stayed in that relationship for seven or eight years and that she isn’t condemning Allen or expressing regrets now. Did Allen behave like an opportunistic libertine? Yeah, but to my knowledge he didn’t do anything of a criminal or horrid nature. The ’70s and ’80s exuded a different climate — there was a different sexual ethos in the wind. It used to be okay to be semi-open about stuff like this, but no longer.”