Team Trump is naturally delighted and relieved that Bernie Sanders will be the nominee. As recently reported by intelligence sources Putin, who wants the gullible, useful-idiot Trump to have another term, is happy about this also. Down-ballot Republicans are also reportedly elated about Bernie.

God help us but it’s all falling into place for the right. Trump is naturally biding his time and keeping silent about Bernie’s ascendancy. But when he gives the order after Democratic voters have locked Bernie in solid, it’ll be a massacre..

Nate Silver has reminded that Sanders has never been “punched” by the rightwing fear and hate machine. Just wait.

I can’t believe this is happening. Well, I can but this feeling of gathering horror and the numbing of the community spirit is horrible. We’re still in February and we’re already fucked. The Bataan death march begins today in Nevada.

I meant to tweet “dooming us all to 2nd Trump term.”