Today Hateful Eight star Kurt Russell was asked by the View gals about that gun-control discussion he and I got into two weeks ago. Here’s what he said. Russell claimed that I “ambushed” him. If that means I asked him a question that had a slight connection to the real world as opposed to the usual blah-blah suckuppy bullshit that everyone asks movie stars at press junkets, then I am definitely guilty as charged. And yet all I did was mention a N.Y. Times piece by N.R. Kleinfeld that indicated people are badly shaken by Paris and San Bernardino, and that they may not be processing arch Tarantino-style violence these days the way they did back in the Pulp Fiction/Jackie Brown days. Kurt also told the View guys that films like The Hateful Eight are “fantasy land” — wrong. All strong movies are echoes and reflections of the culture and the times. And before anyone accuses me of milking this for the umpteenth time, I’m simply responding to the View thing. In the clip Russell’s remarks start at 3:30 and end at 5:55.