In a view from a spring research screening, it is claimed that Marielle Heller‘s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Sony, 11.22) “works when it focuses on Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers. He’s undeniably charming and infectiously heartwarming as the TV icon. He nails the spirit and voice of Rogers, and the physical resemblance is close enough.”

Not a surprising opinion as pretty much everyone agreed that Hanks was perfectly cast, and that inhabiting Rogers wouldn’t involve much of a stretch.

The viewer also asserts, however, that Hanks’ performance “will be regarded as supporting since he’s absent throughout the majority of the third act, due to a focus on Matthew Rhys‘ journalist character and his relationship with his dying dad.”

Be that as it may, a lead actor is rarely defined by his/her amount of screen time , but the degree to which he/she dominates the narrative. Remember that Anthony Hopkins‘ Best Actor Oscar for The Silence of the Lambs resulted from only 16 minutes of screen time.

“Either way, Hanks could finally be looking at his first Oscar nomination in almost 20 years,” the guy goes on. “The film is emotional and could be in the running for a Best Picture nomination if there are no issues over the size of the Rogers role. I’d also keep an eye on Marielle Heller for Best Director. Her direction keeps the movie enchanting even when the script runs into some dicey passages, and it’s time for another female director nomination.”