An Invictus screening begins in 28 minutes (i.e., 6:30 pm) so I don’t have time to write anything about my chat yesterday afternoon with Crazy Heart costar Maggie Gyllenhaal. Okay, I can repeat the general feeling out there that her performance as a 30ish single mom who falls in love with Jeff Bridges‘ roly-poly alcoholic country music star is a quiet, unforced, true-heart thing. More lived-in than “performed.” A supporting standout, in the view of most I’ve spoken to.

Crazy Heart costar Maggie Gyllenhaal at the end of our sit-down yesterday at a low-key place on Tenth Avenue — Tuesday, 11.25.09, 3:25 pm

Gyllenhaal also has the most beautiful eyes I’ve been close to in a long time. There’s something extra-vivid about them live. The last time I saw eyes this radiant and intense was when I got close to Elizabeth Taylor at a Manhattan party in the early ’80s.

I shot some video of our discussion but it’s taking forever to load and convert. Later tonight or tomorrow morning.