If you’ve seen the semi-classic Them! (’54), you know what those giant ants sound like….”wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah!” mixed with a theramin. This same exact sound filled the IRT Lex platform underneath Union Square today. It was awful…ear torture, brain madness. Worse than a car alarm. People in the video seem to be doing their best to ignore it but try standing there and listening to this godawful racket for five or six minutes straight, as I did.

Glenn Kenny will probably take issue but this is a very “twee” sentiment. Be gentle. Keep things in perspective. Shrug it off. Cosmic flow, bro. Sip your herbal tea with lemon.

It’s not wise to eat much before a screening but if you’re about to see a film at Sony headquarters (Madison and 55th) and you’re in the mood to pig out, there’s no place better for this than Smiler’s. Rich, anti-cockatoo food for the most part but really flavorful and so abundant.