Here I am once again lowering myself by tattered rope into the steaming cauldron full of rat’s tails and slithering serpents that is David Poland‘s Hot Blog.”
The bottom line with yesterday’s anti-Wells posting is that Poland likes the Hollywood Reporter‘s Sheigh Crabtree, so he felt not only shocked (“dropped my jaw”) but betrayed when she referenced that letter I received yesterday from a director who said that Children of Men and Pan’s Labyrinth didn’t make the DGA cut because members hadn’t had a chance to see either one, etc.
Then he had the staggering obstinacy to actually question the notion that Brokeback Mountain lost the Best Picture Oscar due to homophobia (the specific reason it lost, I believe, was geezer homophobia — i.e., the “Howard Hughes and John Wayne wouldn’t like it” Tony Curtis contingent)…unbelievable.
Then he described me as “the man who most wants to see Dreamgirls go away.” I dispute that. As I recently told a Dreamgirls operative, “I haven’t taken huge dumps on this film. I don’t like it that much as a whole, but I like the entertaining elements. I said in my first piece on it that I liked it in spurts. The truth is that very few critics are high on it — let’s call a spade a spade — but I haven’t campaigned against it, I’ve held my water, and I’ve always been respectful. Besides, I think Jennifer Hudson is great. And I personally love Bill Condon and look forward to his next film.”