“I was so excited to get a story in Vanity Fair‘s Hollywood issue two or three years ago. But I was so disappointed in the time I spent with the journalist, because she was giving me stuff about people’s opinions. ‘Well, Ain’t it Cool News says…’ Well, what do you say or think or feel or know about me?

“A lot of journalism has become gossip. I understand it’s a business; people want to sell magazines. But I just think it’s prattle. When I was sitting with this woman from Vanity Fair, I thought her questions were prattle. They were gossipy, they were shitty. It’s like disemboweling a ghost — that’s what Brando called it.” — Brett Ratner talking to Movieline‘s Stu Van Airsdale about Rat Press, which is re-publishing some very cool journalistic essays/interviews.

The Vanity Fair writer Ratner is referring to, apparently, is Nancy Jo Sales. The piece ran in the March 2007 issue, and was called “The Most Happy Fella.”