There’s a scene in Judd Apatow‘s This Is 40 when Leslie Mann gives Paul Rudd shit because he cops to having popped a Viagra before a romantic moment in the shower. Mann’s lament: “Am I not hot enough to raise your staff without medicinal augmentation?”  I forget what Judd’s reply was, but you can’t change over-40 biology. It’s not a lack of desire or start-up stiffitude but Mr. Johnson’s occasional tendency to become Mr. Moody. I’m there, I’m not there, I’m committed, I’ve changed my mind, etc. Yes, I got into this a few weeks ago but I’ve always been a Cialis guy. 24 to 36 hours vs. six to eight. I like them even when there’s nothing going on. “It makes me feel like I’m gonna live forever.” — Warren Beatty to Goldie Hawn in the second-to-last scene in Shampoo.