Reader Patrick Cassano thinks I’m “dead-on about women turning Brokeback Mountain into a financial hit. My married friend and I go to the movies all the time, and his wife usually stays at home with the kids. She burned out on going to the movies with us long ago after the bloody trifecta of True Romance, Pulp Fiction and Natural Born Killers. She hasn’t been to a non-kid movie in 9 years. But the other day she asked about this Brokeback Mountain movie on the internet (also new to her) and was intrigued, and told me she’d like to make plans to go see it when it comes out. She said it looked like a good romantic story, the kind of movie she would like to see, and if it happened to involve two men so be it. Here’s a woman who sees movies only on DVD going far, far out of her way to see Brokeback. I think it speaks volumes.”