Reader/listener alert: I don’t think I can manage a fresh “Elsewhere Live” broadcast today. Tech problems, no speaker phone, continuing transit strike, stranded in Brooklyn, etc. It’s insane. I was going to talk about this and that but mainly run my interview with the great Werner Herzog so here it is. I’ll put up the MP3 file as a stand-alone link in Elsewhere Live either late tonight or tomorrow morning. (I may also run a portion of the q & a in transcript form.) Herzog’s Grizzly Man comes out on DVD on 12.26 via Lion’s Gate, and he has a live-action feature called Rescue Dawn, a non-Vietnam War jungle survivalist drama set in Laos in 1965, coming out in March ’06 (according to the IMDB). Partly inspired, suggested or at the very least echoed or hinted at by Herzog’s 1997 doc Little Dieter Needs to Fly, the film costars Christian Bale, Steve Zahn and Jeremy Davies.