I never suspected that a majority of homes in the Beverly Hills “flats” (north of Santa Monica Blvd. up to Sunset Blvd.) are owned by rightwing Trump supporters. I always thought the Southern California loonies mainly lived down in Orange County. But according to data compiled by the Los Angeles Times, Beverly Hills is indeed a red stronghold.

Posted yesterday (11.6) by LAmag‘s Brittany Martin in a piece titled “Which L.A. Neighborhoods Voted for Trump?“:

“The largest concentration of Trump support in central Los Angeles is located in the affluent residential areas of Beverly Hills and Trousdale Estates.

“Beverly Hills precincts that voted for Trump start directly across Santa Monica Boulevard from the Rodeo Drive shopping district, which has been the site of frequent pro-Trump demonstrations in recent months. Many businesses in that district had closed and boarded up in advance of Election Day as a precaution against potential unrest.”

Since arriving here in the early ’80s I’ve been walking around with an idea that Beverly Hills was a liberal-minded, “industry”-related area. It probably was in the mid 20th Century, but apparently no longer. Iranians constitute the largest Beverly Hills demo (between 20% and 25%), and I’ve always understood that Iranians are conservative-minded for the most part.

Statisticalatlas.com says that Iranians constitute about 25% of the Beverly Hills population.

An L.A. Times survey says that “the percentages of residents ages 65 and older and 50 to 64 are among the county’s highest,” and that Iranian (20.8%) and Russian (8.3%) are the most common ancestries.” It also says that “12,937 (38.2%) of residents are foreign born, high for the Westside but about average for the county. Iran (40.3%) and Korea (5.0%) are the most common foreign places of birth.”