It turns out that Film Jerk’s announcement about Brian De Palma‘s Redacted now being a December 14th release came from a bum source. (FJ’s Edward Havens simply ran with what he was given; bogus information was put out.) A Magnolia Pictures source has just told me that this lower-budgeted Iraq War feature will in fact hit theatres sometime in November, and that a booking at September’s Toronto Film Festival wouldn’t be totally out of the realm.
The fact that Redacted, which has been described on the IMDB as “a montage of stories about U.S. soldiers fighting in the Iraq conflict,” was shot in Jordan in a verite fashion conflicts, of course, with DePalma’s rep as a dispenser of visual opera, being an acknowledged master of bravura, carefully choreographed photography in a controlled setting. Does Redacted have two or three of De Palma’s signature sequences? “I think it’s better that I don’t put up expectations one way or the other” the Magnolia guy said. All he would say is that “it’s very, very different.”