“Am I really so bad? Am I really so frightening? I’m killing thousands per day as we speak, true, and dying from congested lungs and a lack of oxygen is not the nicest way to go, I’ll admit. Okay, agonizing. But I’m nothing to be frightened of…not really. Take my hand and everything will be peaceful and serene, I promise. And there’ll be no more Donald Trump. The running’s over. It’s time to rest.”

Nothing in the Dark” (episode #81 of The Twilight Zone) was shot during season #2 but held over until season #3. It originally aired on 1.5.62.

Robert Redford‘s hand reaches out a bit too suddenly at 1:52. And his fingers shouldn’t be open, which suggests a kind of grasping — he should be offering a handshake. But his last facial expression before Gladys Cooper reaches out — a look of gentle assurance — is perfect.

“No shock. No engulfment. No tearing asunder.”