Referring to Al Gore and Davis Guggenheim ‘s An Inconvenient Truth , MCN’s David Poland has snidely dismissed Paramount Classics’ “breathlessly ambitious hopes” for this global-warming doc “that no one really wants to see.” Apart from the fact that Truth is extremely well-made and in no way boring or uninvolving, you’d think that even Poland might be swayed by the fact that however interested or uninterested people might be in wanting to see this film, it represents the best chance of rallying people everywere to wake up and grasp that we’re all standing on the precipice of…I’m sorry if this sounds a bit too alarmist or typically liberal…worldwide disaster due to global warming. I believe that the survival of the planet depends upon the total eradication of the disgustingly smug attitude that “the science on global warming isn’t in yet.” One of the support structures of this mentality is that people are bored by Chicken Little global warming fears, that they’ve heard it all before, that they don’t want to be lectured to, that they’d rather just see X-Men: The Last Stand and have a drink and kick back, etc. Poland is a smart guy, but waving this film off as something people don’t want to see is one of the most repulsively smug things he’s ever said. It represents a kind of laissez-faire attitude that lies at the core of the insulated, overfed, leave-us-alone indifference of the affluent U.S. middle-class — a group that has become so inebriated by lifestyle creature comforts that many of them (especially the Humpty-Dumpties in the red states) are unable to read, much less consider, the writing on the wall.