Visually speaking I’m expecting/hoping to have a new Hollywood Elsewhere up and running by the end of April. The re-design won’t be too radical, but the idea (which I began to think about last year at this time) will be to make HE look more like a 2013 environment with certain bells and whistles and less like a static 2004 website. (HE was launched in late August of 2004, or 8 and 1/2 years ago.) I’m thinking of some kind of ever-changing “what’s up and what’s down” box + a Movie City News-like Twitter box (but I’d have to tweet a lot more to justify this) and maybe a TV column written by I-don’t-know-who.

I don’t want to go crazy with the re-design. I want it to look like the same column except cooler, nervier, zippier. Ideas?

The truth is that I’m afraid of adding a TV columnist because if they don’t post as often as I do and if they don’t have the voice and the authority on TV matters as I do on movies then what’s the point? Either someone as nutty and distinctive and energetic as myself writes it or it’s not worth doing. I’ve been through it with others and it just turns into a pain to supervise and/or keep tabs on. I’m talking myself out of this as I speak. I’ve been told that it’ll be worth doing in order to land TV ads so I’m theoretically on board with the idea, but it’s easier said than done.