I posted a Craigslist ad for someone responsible (i.e., not a 20something Indian guy) to stay here for free and feed the cats while I’m in Vietnam for 10 or 11 days. The following text exchange happened two days ago. Interested party: “Hi — I’m responding to your [ad]. Please call me back at your earliest convenience, please.” Me: “Are you an animal, vegetable or mineral?” Interested party: “A little of each.” Me: “Okay.” [I figured this person would follow up with some details — gender, age, job, phone number, etc. But nothing was offered.] Me: “Later.” Interested party: “Later what?” Me: “I’ll let you stay here for free in your next life.” Interested party: “Okay, weird.” Me: “You’re weird, or haven’t you noticed?” Interested party: “Wow! I feel sorry for the person that stays @ your place.” Me: “Wow! I’m going to be away, asshole. It’ll just be the cat-sitter and the cats.” Interested party: “LOL — seems you have anger problems. I feel badly for your cats.” Me: “The cats are fine, Sam. My only problem right now is with people who like to be vague and mysterious when they ask about staying at my place.”