Jill Biden’s Wikipage reports that she and then-Senator Joe Biden met in March 1975. “They [allegedly] met on a blind date set up by his brother Frank, who had known her in college,” it says. “Although Joe was nearly nine years her senior, Jill was impressed by his more formal appearance and manners compared to the college men she had known, and after their first date, she told her mother, ‘Mom, I finally met a gentleman.’”

“Meanwhile she was going through turbulent divorce proceedings with husband Bill Stevenson. A civil divorce was granted in May 1975. Jill and Joe were married in New York City on 6.17.77.”

Three and a half years ago Stevenson, a Trump supporter, challenged this official narrative in an interview with London’s rightwing Daily Mail.

Stevenson said that he introduced Joe and Jill in ’72, only a few months before Joe’s then-wife Neilia Hunter Biden and their daughter were killed in a car accident. (Beau and Hunter were riding in the back seat of the crash car, and were pretty banged up.)

Stevenson told the Daily Mail‘s Harriet Anderson that he first suspected Biden and Jill were having an affair in August 1974, right around President Nixon’s resignation. Jill was 23; Joe was 31. Stevenson said that “one of [Jill’s] best friends told me she thought Joe and Jill were getting a little too close. I was surprised that she came to me.”

This is not a big deal to me personally as changing partners is always a messy process. Extra-marital affairs happen all the time, and those who succumb to this kind of passion are not necessarily evil or morally deplorable or even necessarily conniving. I was involved in an extra-marital affair with a married journalist colleague between early ’98 and late ’00, and I know how this stuff works backward and forward.

But let no one doubt that Jill wasn’t power-hungry back then, and that she isn’t the same kind of person right now.

Behind the Stone Balloon,” written by Jessie Markovetz, published on 11.21.06:

“Bill Stevenson also had issues with a divorce case between he and his first wife, Jill Jacobs, who today is married to Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.). They had married in February 1970, when Stevenson was only 23 and Jacobs was a student at the university, but drifted apart and were divorced in 1976.

‘He avoids details in his book, but after a turbulent court case, Stevenson walked away only paying Jacobs less than half what we she had wanted, not including the half-ownership she sought of the Stone Balloon bar. Within months she was married to Biden.”