I’ve always liked Jack Lemmon‘s (C.C. Baxter‘s) pre-war, moderately spacious, one-bedroom residence in Billy Wilder‘s The Apartment (’60). And I’ve always enjoyed Baxter’s tennis-racket pasta strainer.

The address in the film was 51 West 67th Street, #2A. A NYC film location website (www.the culturetrip.com) reports that Wilder shot the brownstone’s exteriors at 55 West 69th Street, between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West.  It’s also been reported that the brownstone was re-constructed on a Los Angeles sound stage.

Baxter’s rent was $85 a month, which strictly translates on an inflationary scale to $850 in 2022 dollars. This, of course, is but a fraction of the actual likely rent today.

Zumper.com reports “the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Upper West Side, New York, NY is currently $4,564,” which reps a 15% increase compared to 2021.