From yesterday’s “I’m Not Kidding About Barbie vs. Poor Things” thread:

Friendo notes similarities between Barbie (as played by Margot Robbie) and Bella (i.e., Emma Stone’s character in Poor Things):

  1. Both are manufactured creations — Barbie built by Mattel, Bella built Mary Shelley-style by WillemScarfaceDafoe. And as such, both are wholly innocent as they begin their journeys.
  2. Both are abused by men — Bella blatantly by her cruel, misogynist Londön husband during her first life, Barbie by being infantilized and otherwise diminished or pigeonholed by her Mattel creators.,
  3. Both learn hard lessons about the real world.
  4. Both acquire social justice awareness during film (awakening/awokening)
  5. Both are vag-centric, vag-obsessed — “What’s this thing between my legs”?
  6. Both female leads are pretty.
  7. Both films feature terrific dance sequences.
  8. Both films feature brilliant sets, costumes, makeup,
  9. Both films diminish masculinity, reward wimpy background males.
  10. Both have fun with meta humor.
  11. Both Barbie and Bella trick & transform stupid male characters into falling for this or that.
  12. At the end Barbie and Bella choose to live and thrive in the real world, empowered & surrounded by women.