Why doesn’t the L.A. Times Buzzmeter poll ask for predictions in all categories so everyone can see how well the experts did at the end of the day? Why hasn’t MCN’s David Poland published the right-wrong calls of all final Gurus of Gold poll so we can all see at a glance who was better at reading the race than the others?

For what it’s worth, I got five wrong last night, including an abstention. And I fully admit I’m not too good at predicting because I can’t divorce myself from my personal preferences, no matter what the tea leaves say. Anyway, here’s the proof. Missing five isn’t too bad. If you missed eight or nine I think it’s fair to call your industry pulse-reading abilities into question. If you got ten or more wrong, you need to take a long walk and then stop by a local tavern.

The Gurus of Gold winners with the fewest wrong calls were The Envelope‘s Pete Hammond and Entertainment Weekly‘s Dave Karger, with four wrongos each.

Former L.A. Daily News critic Glenn Whipp , In Contention‘s Kris Tapley and USA Today‘s Suzie Woz got five wrong. Several Gurus got six and seven wrong. Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone and USA Today‘s Scott Bowles both missed eight. And the bottom three with nine wrong apiece were Poland, Toronto Star critic Pete Howell and N.Y. Post critic Lou Lumenick.

The Buzzmeter only ran full results from all 24 categories from Tom O’Neil, Hammond and Scott Feinberg. O’Neil missed three (the best score of anyone), Hammond missed four and Feinberg got six wrong, for a total of 18.