Defamer posted an Oscar telecast death-montage questionaire earlier today. Here are my comments/answers for now:

(1) Will They Make It? (Choose One) — Arthur C. Clarke and Bernie Brillstein, for certain!; (2) Will Open the Montage — who cares but if they don’t put in Charles H. Joffe, Stan Winston, Harold Pinter and Isaac Hayes the montage guys will be guilty of dereliction; (3) Will End the Montage — a tie between Paul Newman and the team of Sydney Pollack and Anthony Minghella; (4) Will Get Montage’s First Video Clip — Newman (the picnic scene from The Hustler) or Roy Scheider (“You’re gonna need a bigger boat”); (5) Will Get Montage’s First Sound ClipPaul Scofield (something from A Man For All Seasons); (6) First Actor/Actress Named — no comment, don’t care; (7) First Director Named — could be Jules Dassin, Minghella or Pollack…or they could be the last (who gives a shit about this stuff?); (8) First International Auteur Named — nobody cares; (9) Oldest Selection — Dassin; (10) Will Get His Own Montage Elsewhere in Oscarcast — either Newman or Pollack. (Not Charlton Heston because of his NRA support).