Outed ex-CIA spy and Fair Game author Valerie Plame spoke earlier this week to Politico‘s Jeffrey Ressner about the movie version of her book, which will be produced by Jerry and Janet Zucker and Beautiful Mind screenwriter Akiva Goldsman for Warner Bros.

Plame told Ressner that (a) “the script follows the book fairly closely, but obviously the writers take [liberties]. It’s factual up to a point, and where there were areas I couldn’t speak to them about, they drew from their vivid imaginations“; (b) it’s “a story of political intrigue, an espionage story and a love story…about the loss of innocence, about speaking truth to power…and it has some black humor, too, where possible”; (c) she feels that George Clooney, “who’s shown a deft hand behind the camera as well as in front of it [with] Good Night and Good Luck,” would be a good director for the Fair Game film; and (d) the film will be “all-encompassing” in that Bush and Cheney “will make appearances, but there are creative decisions that haven’t been quite figured out yet…it’s a story about the decisions that were made to take our country to war in Iraq.”