I never think about Vaugniston except when I’m at the check-out counter at Pavillions, but I’m wondering if anyone else is feeling vaguely let down to read that apparently they haven’t broken up after all. I don’t give a shit but I thought it was over. I think it would be fairly cool, frankly, if every celebrity couple except Brangelina were to all break up at the same time. (I have a soft spot for Pitt and Jolie; it has something to do with that tabloid story about Jolie making sounds “like an animal being killed” when she was apparently getting down with Pitt in that African hotel bungalow.)
But now here’s this BBC News story sayings they’re still happening — the exact phrase is “the couple [is saying] they remain together” — and that Vaughn is suing a couple of London tabs plus the New York Post for running a story that he kissed some hottie, blah, blah. I’m just saying I didn’t realize how sick I was of Vaughniston until they came back.