I always stay to the right when I’m driving down a two-way residential street. One, because that’s the law and two, because I want people coming towards me to know they’ll have room to breathe when we pass each other. But day after day, time after time, the vast majority of people driving toward me have no such notion.

They’re driving right down the middle of the street, coming right for me…like it’s their street or like we’re on a narrow driveway and they have no choice. I see them coming and say to myself, “Uhh, guys?…two-way?…hello?” And they keep on coming. And then at the very last second they swerve to the right, leaving me just enough room to get by. Jerks.

The bottom line, it seems, is that they’re much more concerned about clipping a parked car (knocking off a sideview mirror, for example) than being polite to other drivers. Their attitude is “okay, don’t get worried…I’ll pull over a second or two before you get close…but until that happens, I’m gonna stay as far away from the parked cars as I can.” Assholes.