Bucket List director Rob Reiner tells N.Y. Times guy David Halbfinger that he first read the script “with the eyes of a 62-year-old baby boomer increasingly mindful of his own horizons, artistic and otherwise. ‘I like to think of myself as a very young old person,’ Reiner says. ‘But you start thinking, how many years am I going to have to be productive?’ Especially in our business, youth is so stressed. You start thinking, how many more movies am I going to get to make?’ Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll make five more.'”
There is only one calculation and one motto for any creative person on this planet: “I am committed to and will make things out of the dreams and visions I have, one way or the other. And I will continue to do so until the day I drop. If that means five months or 50 years now, same difference.” The number of books, songs, paintings, articles, movies, sculptures and scripts you have time to produce is immaterial. There is only what you do, and the certainty that you will do that every day and every week until Lee Harvey Oswald pops his head out of the window and takes that shot, which he will definitely do sooner or later. Until then, it’s clear sailing.