Reactions to Lionsgate’s forthcoming Bluray of Nicolas Roeg‘s The Man Who Fell To Earth (1.24): (a) The cover photo of David Bowie looks more than a little porny; (b) Interesting as Roeg’s film is, there’s something pallid and even a bit lifeless about it due to a curious vacancy within Bowie, who almost always seemed to duck and recede when the cameras were rolling — he rarely stepped up to the plate and delivered; and (3) My favorite scene is when a couple of goons break into Buck Henry‘s high-rise and attempt to throw him out the window — the first time Henry not only bounces against the glass but apologizes for this (“I’m sorry!”) — in response to this one of the goons says “don’t worry about it” and then they try again, this time succeeding — as Henry is falling 50 or 60 stories we can hear him breathing and gasping.