What’s cool about this besides the obvious assets? The techno music. The score is by Gabriel Yared, who won an Oscar for The English Patient and was nominated for two other Minghellas (Cold Mountain, The Talented Mr. Ripley). Update: Right — Yared had nothing to do with the techno. It’s a Muse track.

Somebody said somewhere that Depp looks a little like Billy Crystal in this role — Crystal with hair and a beard. I briefly spoke with Crystal at a Sundance party six or seven years ago. Boy, was he gloomy! Take comedians off the stage and they’re the Lords of Downerville.

Italian policeman 2: You wish to report a murder.

Johnny Depp: Attempted murder.

Italian policeman 2: That’s not so serious.

Johnny Depp: Not when you downgrade it from murder. But when you when you upgrade it from room service, it’s quite serious.