Yesterday Sunset Gun‘s Kim Morgan posted a very nice q & a interview with Eva Marie Saint. A little too nice, if you ask me.

Older showbiz folk tend to either recall their lives in a naked-blunt Klaus Kinski style (i.e., “I’m too old to muddy my memories with even a smidgen of bullshit”) or with excessive fondness. Saint lives in the latter camp. Every big name she’s worked with (Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Alfred Hitchcock, Sam Shepard) was fascinating or colorful or generous or curiously lovable.

And Morgan doesn’t even ask Saint about doing makeout scenes with Warren Beatty in All Fall Down (1962), back when Beatty was Rob Pattinson? (Especially with Morgan having just told filminfocus about “my obsession with stuffed animal claw machines, Dare Wright, and Warren Beatty as Berry-Berry”?) Saint’s heavy breathing with Beatty was hotter than anything she got into with Brando in On The Waterfront. Morgan has no interest in Beatty’s manner or personality at the time, what he and Saint talked about, where he thought his life was heading? C’mon!

I’m sorry but when everything in an actor’s past is seen as a variation on delightful or wonderful or heart-warming, the result is boredom plain and simple.