Dreamgirls, a movie musical based on the ’60s and early ’70s career tribulations of the Supremes and Diana Ross (as well as Berry Gordy, Flo Ballard, etc.) has been playing fairly broadly since Christmas, and yet Ross, who went on Late Night with David Letterman Tuesday night with an absolutely massive ’70s ‘fro, says she (a) hasn’t had time to see it, (b) has “heard a lot about it,” (c) plans “to see it with my lawyers” and (d) “I would like to do is to be able to see it.”

Those are lies, no? Ross hasn’t seen Dreamgirls because she’s afraid to, or because she doesn’t want people to think she cares about how Beyonce portrays her because that would somehow mess with the above-the-fray diva image that she feels is important to project…right? Certainly not because she’s been busy. Phony, disingenuous, over.