Mickey Rourke‘s sister Patty Rourke and stepsister Janet Smalley have spoken to Nikki Finke and challenged the accuracy of Pat Jordan‘s interview hit piece that ran in last Sunday’s N.Y. Times Magazine, at least as far as Jordan’s casting doubt on Rourke’s stories of child abuse at the hand of his step-father.

“We were shocked and deeply saddened to read Pat Jordan’s overtly biased piece about our brother Mickey Rourke in The New York Times Magazine,” the sisters said. “Although our childhood is searingly painful to discuss, we absolutely needed to speak out to set the record straight. Tragically, what our brother has said about his abusive childhood barely scratches the surface of what really happened. If Pat Jordan had tried to contact us, we would’ve told him the truth. We love Mickey very much and stand by his account of our early years.”