People‘s Michelle Tauber reported earlier today that in the wake of yesterday’s discovery and admission of infidelity on the part of Kristen Stewart, the monumentally ungifted Robert Pattinson has given in to the usual feelings of anger and pride that come to all cuckolds and packed his bags and moved out of the LA home he was sharing with KStew.

A bigger, stronger, more confident man might have gotten through this. Once it’s been admitted to and apologized for, infidelity is simply an opportunity for a re-negotiation. If RPatz had played his cards differently he could have cut a new deal that might have worked out. Unless, as I wrote yesterday, KStew fooled around with Rupert Sanders with the expectation of getting caught because she subconsciously wanted out over concerns that RPatz is on the way down and she doesn’t want to be Vicki Lester/Esther Blodgett. In which case (and I’m not assuming anything), RPatz made the right call.