Last night I left my wallet in the Clarity Screening Room after seeing God Bless America. All my life I’ve been a genius at losing things, so this was par for the course. I realized the wallet was gone about 15 minutes after I left. I immediately U-turned and headed back. The projectionist and a security guy helped me look around and it wasn’t there. Somebody had apparently taken it. “What media person would do that?,” I asked myself. It seemed nuts.

Anyway, KROQ deejay Rich Rubin got in touch a couple of hours ago and told me he had the wallet. He found it, picked it up and decided against giving it to the projectionist. And he decided against looking at the ID and trying to call or email me last night. (You’d have to figure that the owner of the wallet would be going nuts and most likely calling their credit card companies and cancelling their cards, right?) As it happened I called my bank and had them “de-link” my two cards but not cancel them. In any event it was a very welcome thing to hear from Rubin, and my sincere thanks for being a good guy and all.