The SAG Awards will air on TNT and TBS Sunday evening. My eyelids, trust me, are at half-mast as I type these projections/assessments:

Forest Whitaker — whose performance as Idi Amin Dada was hugely enjoyable in a frightening sort of way, although I never felt it went past (i.e., deeper than) that level of engagement — will almost certainly win the Best Actor award.
Helen Mirren is oppressively locked as the winner of the Best Actress trophy, although I really and truly feel that Penelope Cruz gives a much stronger, earthier, fuller performance in Volver.
Leonardo DiCaprio (who was totally screwed by Warner Bros. marketing/publicity’s handling of his two acting award campaigns) ought to win the Best Supporting Actor award for his Departed performance hands-down, although the winner will probably be Eddie Murphy or Jackie Earl Haley.
The Best Supporting Actress race is between DreamgirlsJennifer Hudson and Little Miss Sunshine‘s Abigail Breslin, and I can’t tell if the recent LMS surge and the Dreamgirls downturn will affect the voting, but I’m /guessing presuming Hudson will eke out a victory. Maybe.
The Departed gang gets my personal vote for the SAG ensemble acting award, but the smart money is going with the Little Miss Sunshine team winning in this category, which will probably happen.