I was initially inclined to ignore the whole story about Jihad Rehab (aka The UnRedacted), which was reported last Sunday (9.25) by Michael Powell in the N.Y. Times. My thinking was “another story about wokester cowards throwing a filmmaker under the bus because of accusations of racism even though they liked the film to begin with”…big deal, that’s what these serpents do for a living, react to accusations by killing or maiming careers.”

But Megyn Kelly’s discussion of the story with Matt Taibbi got me going again.

Key passage from N.Y. Times story: “Abigail Disney, a grandniece of Walt Disney, had been the executive producer of Jihad Rehab and called it ‘freaking brilliant’ in an email to the doc’s director, Meg Smaker. Now she’s disavowed it. The film ‘landed like a truckload of hate,’ Ms. Disney wrote in an open letter.”