That double-breasted, peak-lapel suit recently worn by Leonardo DiCaprio during filming of Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf of Wall Street is…what’s the precise term? Vulgar? Grossly dated? Too much? “Yecch”? David Letterman wore these awful suits on his show for years and years, and I used to say the same thing when he came onstage… “good effing God.” They were popular during the Clinton era, I realize, but moviegoers want magic, not realism…and there are very few things less magical in 2012 than gray double-breasted suits with peak lapels.

If I was Scorsese I would can the costumer right now, just to be safe. Costumer: “But Marty, this is what they were all wearing back then! I’m just following the styles of the ’90s.” Scorsese: “I don’t care. You’re making my star, Leo, look like a schmuck, and I can’t have that. Sorry but you’re done.”

Why has Leo dyed his hair black? Because the guy he’s playing, “Wolf of Wall Street” author and former financial scammer Jordan Belfort, had dark hair. Got it!