The brave Sasha Stone has posted a piece on the wackazoid, equity-above-all Spirit Awards nominations. It’s titled “The Gender Neutral Categories Bites Nose to Spite Face at Spirit Awards.”

I’m immensely grateful, by the way, that Sasha used the term “dunzo.” I’d stopped using it and hadn’t heard anyone else use for a good 15 years or so.

Excellent excerpt: “The Academy should never go down this path or they will be dunzo in the eyes of the public. I promise you, most people in this country and world aren’t utopians. They still want to know that people who accept awards, or are nominated for them, got there because they gave the best performance — the best performance

“Yes, all of the categories at the Oscars are gender-neutral by default. I have always believed this made it much harder for women to compete, especially in the Best Director category. At least with the acting categories, they knew they would always have ten slots no matter what. The same goes for men.

“Ultimately, maybe this awards race, this Oscar game I once helped launch online in 1999 is, by now, No Country for Old (Wo)Men.”

Why did the Spirit Davidians ignore Close for the Best International Film award?

Barry Corbin to Tommy Lee Jones: “You can’t stop what’s coming. It is all waiting on you. That’s vanity.”

It must be clear to every man, woman and child at this point that the people behind the Spirit Awards noms have gone totally insane.