Oscarwatch.com‘s Sasha Stone doesn’t appear to consider me a friend or a supporter any longer because she didn’t send me those May 1st AMPAS lawsuit papers from Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges, LLP. Probably because of that pissy business from two or three days ago. But I am her supporter and ally as far as her problem with the Academy is concerned.

They’re bullies, these guys….throwing lawyers and lawsuits at a single mom who intelligently promotes the Oscar hoo-hah like a clean machine and who makes the Academy membership and their emotional-whimsical preferences seem much more important than they actually are in the grand scheme. or in any scheme. Shame on the Academy poobahs who pushed and hammered this thing along. Could they be trying to get themselves nominated for a 2007 Odious Award?

I think Sasha’s going to have to change her domain name. I told her months ago she should go for www.sashastone.com. Nice and recognizable..no fuss.

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