American Gangster did just over $16 million yesterday (the lines were huge at Universal Citywalk plex last night) and will wind up with something like $46,421,000 by Sunday night — $15,000 a print. Jerry Seinfeld‘s Bee Movie earned almost $11 million yesterday and will end up with $38,390,000 for the weekend. The DreamWorks insect comedy is enjoying its one moment of triumph before the weak word-of-mouth catches up and Vince Vaughn‘s Fred Claus steals the family business away next weekend.

Saw 4 is off over 60%, looking at $10,800,00 for weekend. Dan in Real Life is down only 30% from last weekend (a decent hold) and will have tallied $8.2 million by tomorrow night. Michael Clayton did $2,600,000 and will have a grand total of $32,900,000 by Sunday night. Sidney Lumet‘s Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead is in 42 theatres, will do $341,000…a little over $7 thousand per screen, which is fairly good.