National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets will be #1 this weekend with about $54 million and $14,000 a print. (I may actually pay to see this today.) I Am Legend is down 52% from last weekend but still at #2 — $36.9 million for the weekend. Alvin & Chipmunks will be third with $31.7 million, down 26%. Sweeney Todd will take in $12 million and $9600 a print for a fourth-place showing.
The fifth-place performer, Charlie Wilson’s War, is appealing strictly to a 30-and-over crowd that doesn’t tend to go to movies in any real strength until Xmas Day, so it might uptick next weekend. The Mike NIchols film will earn $9.3 million and $3500 a print.
HIlary Swank‘s P.S. I Love You..$7.4 million, $3000 a print. Enchanted..$4.5 million. Walk Hard…$4,450,000…$1600 a print. The Golden Compass…$4.3 million. Juno is tenth with $3.7 million, $12,000 a print in 384 theatres.