The Hannah Montana concert film made $8.6 million yesterday so the weekend projection is for $22.9 million, but this may be a tad conservative. Kids were in school yesterday, some theatres began playing shows at 8 am this morning, and the film only lasts 80-something minutes. In any event, a $22.9 million haul in only 650 theatres is phenomenal.
The Eye is projecting $12.3 million for a second-place finish, 27 Dresses will be third with $8.3 million, and Juno will be fourth with $6.9 million for nearly a $110 million cume. Meet the Spartans will come in fifth with $6.8 million, The Bucket List will take in $6.6 million and kickass, take-no-prisoners Rambo will grab $6.5 million. I’m losing interest rapidly, but…okay, man up, let’s see… Untracable will earn $4.9 million, Over Her Dead Boy will take in $3.8 million and Strange Wilderness will earn $3.3 million…zzzzzzz.