Marley and Me did $13.8 million yesterday — a very strong showing — and is projected to earn $38.3 million for the three-day weekend. Benjamin Button did about $9 million yesterday with a projected $27.9 million for the three-day weekend. Since it did around $12 million on Xmas Day, a good hold would have been about a million or so more than that, so $9 million isn’t all that terrific.

Adam Sandler ‘s Bedtime Stories did $9.7 million, $27.3 million projected. And the fourth-place Valkyrie made about $8.1 million yesterday with $22 million projected by Sunday night.

Jim Carrey‘s Yes Man did $5.9 million yesterday, projected to pull down $16.7 million for the weekend. Now sitting at close to a $50 million cume. Okay, not sensational. Will Smith’s Seven Pounds did $4.7 million yesterday, projecting $13.8 million by Sunday night — now approaching $40 million cume, not that great for a Will Smith film.

The limited release Doubt did 1.8 million, $5.8 million for the three-day weekend. Playing in1200 theatres, a little over $4 thousand a print…fair, so-so. Meryl Streep ‘s Best Actress Oscar nomination (along with Viola Davis‘s nom for Best Supporting Actress) will help matters in January.

Clint Eastwood‘s Gran Torino did $746,000 yesterday in about 84 situations and $28,000 a print. Projecting about $2.2 million. The film’s wide break is right after the 1st of the year. The film plays, has legs, will do well in ’09.

Milk is doing fair — a weekend tally of $1.8 million, $5900 a print, in about 300 theatres. Frost/Nixon isn’t doing much at all — 200 theatres, projecting about $1.5 million for the weekend. Revolutionary Road opened well in three theatres — about $213,000, $71,000 a print.

Last Chance Harvey will do about $15,000 a print and $94,000 for the weekend in six theatres. That’s not much.